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Hoops Clipboard v1.6

Hoops Clipboard is a popular and active iPad application joining the traditional coach’s whiteboard with the power to track live game statistics.

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Hoops Clipboard Features (View Screenshots)

Hoops Clipboard makes it easy to develop and track your play strategies. Draw different plays with your finger then save, export, email and print or play them back line by line. You get a full live stats area, home and away rosters and shot charts for NBA and NCAA court styles. Everything you need to manage your basketball game is here.

If you’re a basketball coach, you know how important game strategy and player statistics are. You spend a lot of time on those things, trying to come up with the best defense and offense your team is capable of. You’re dedicated and you want your guys or gals to win.

You don’t have to work so hard anymore to produce the best play strategies possible. Hoops Clipboard is here to help make your coaching life a little easier.

This app is a whiteboard and statistic tracker in one. Just open the app and draw different plays, quickly and easily with your finger. Select your favorite 3D graphics to represent players then drag them into place with your fingertip to try out different player positions before finalizing plays on the court.

You can name and save all your plays, as well as export them to email, along with photos. After emailing the details to yourself, go ahead and print them off so you can review them with your team before the next game.

To help you really study your plays, Hoops Clipboard lets you set the rate and play them back line by line. While you’re at it, make sure to take advantage of the new Notes tab with save option to get those important details down in print. You’ll have everything you need for a thorough strategy assessment.

Hoops Clipboard provides you with an impressive full statistic area that allows you to manage each player’s stats on home and away rosters, with ease. There’s even a chart area that lets you plot and save player shots for both teams, for later review. You have total freedom to use locations in the paint, outside the paint or behind the three-point line. Once you’re done, you can quickly and easily email the charts to yourself and print them off.

Whether you are working with NBA or NCAA court styles, full or half court, Hoops Clipboard has you covered there, too. It is a complete tool for all your basketball coaching needs.

Check out some of the awesome features offered in Hoops Clipboard:
* Combination whiteboard and statistic tracker
* Easily draw different plays with a finger
* Create unlimited multi-frame plays to show multiple sequences of events

* Selection of 3D and flat player graphics
* Move players around the board just by dragging
* Plays can be named and saved, exported to email with photos
* Print player and team stats from email
* Supports spreadsheet (.cvs) and MaxPreps stat export * Line by line whiteboard playback
* Playback in multiple speeds on whiteboard
* Full, detailed stats area with all controls visible for power users
* Manage and track home and away rosters
* Track, email and print shots for home and away players
* Supports full and half court
* Supports NBA and NCAA court styles
* Customizable settings
* Notes tab with save options for later review

If you want to quickly track and recall important game statistics, design great plays and make your life as a coach a little easier, this is the app for you.

Download Hoops Clipboard now and have a great season!

Hoops Clipboard Screenshots

Hoops Clipboard Screen Capture Hoops Clipboard Screen Capture Hoops Clipboard Screen Capture

Hoops Clipboard Screen Capture Hoops Clipboard Screen CaptureHoops Clipboard Screen Capture